Saying “I do ” to Jesus


Have you ever been in love? Are you in love with someone right now? What does being in love feel like? It’s that warm fuzzy feeling you get whenever you think about the person. It’s that desire to spend time with them. It’s going above and beyond to show them that you care. It’s getting to that place where you know that courting is not enough; you are ready to commit for the rest of your life.

Some of you have been “courting” Jesus for a long time. He is pursuing you, but you don’t want to commit to Him. You say you love Him, but you say you need more time. He is ready to take your hand and make it a lifelong commitment, but you keep putting Him off. Sometimes you come so close, but at the last minute, you get cold feet.

What is holding you back? Do the things of the world seem more enticing? Is Satan deceiving you to believe that a life with Christ is boring and rigid? Are your friends influencing your decision? Are you scared that you won’t remain faithful to Him? Have the hurts from your past stolen your ability to commit? Are you using someone else’s life to determine how yours is going to be? Think about it…..

So…..Will you say “I Do” to Jesus today? He is the lover of your soul and will remain faithful to the end. He will never turn His back on you even when you fail Him. His love is everlasting and unconditional. He loves you so much that He already paid the “dowry” for your hand. He longs to fellowship with you and is just waiting to hear you say the word.

Will you put your hand in His and walk down the aisle He has prepared for you? Will you let go of the fear and the lies and trust Him to lead you in the path of righteousness? If you wait much longer, you may miss your shot at eternal life. Tomorrow is promised to no man. When you hear His voice, do not harden your heart. Take the plunge and say “I Do” to Jesus




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