Your Miracle is Possible


Today we are interviewing Pastor Junior Fuller from Reconciliation Apostolic Church, in Turks and Caicos Islands BWI, who experienced a miraculous healing. We have heard of many miracles and healing happening all over the world but today we present a first – hand account of his experience.


Tell us about the issues you were having with your health and what was recommended by your medical team.

In 2014, I went for a routine dental extraction and check-up. As a normal procedure, the dentist ordered an x-ray of my mouth. The dentist examined the x-ray and discovered a lump in the lower section of my jaw bone that appeared to be eating away at my jaw bone, so he recommended a second x-ray. This time they placed my head in a full scan machine that extended all the way around my face. This showed them that there was, in fact, a large lump in my jaw bone which was discharging inflammation. This would eventually poison my bloodstream.

The dentist then referred me to a specialist, a dental surgeon who had to fly in from the USA to confirm that surgery was in fact required. He informed me that the procedure would involve having to open my jaw bone to remove the lump and build back my jaw bone with artificial bone. The procedure would cost approximately US$ 7000.00  – 9,000.00.


What happened next and how did you react to the news of a medical procedure to replace the bone? What was going on in your mind?


Well, I told the medical team that I would need to consult my wife, pray about it, and get back to them.

As I left the doctor’s office I prayed to the Lord and said, “Lord, I trust you that you will heal my body.” In that moment I remembered the testimony of a sister in Jamaica who had a dental problem and was healed of it and I said, “Lord if you can do it for her you can do it for me.” I always prayed this prayer, “Lord, whatever is in my body that is toxic and doesn’t belong there take it out.”


What plans did you put in place?


I thought about saving some money for the procedure.  I remembered the dentist saying that based on the extent of the infection and the amount of inflammation that was coming from the area, he didn’t understand how my bloodstream was not already poisoned. Financially, I was not prepared for this kind of news since I didn’t have the money, so I had to trust God through the process for him to heal my body.

After my diagnosis, my family and I spent a year in Miami assisting with the work of the ministry. I would work for the Lord teaching Bible Study for one month in Miami and then for the next month, I would be in Turks and Caicos preaching and playing music. I immersed myself fully in these endeavours and became so busy for the Lord that I did not let my personal situation distract me. I wasn’t worried or fearful and I was confident that I would be healed. I believed that a part of my process involved me being faithful to God in service and I believe that is why I experienced a divine encounter.


When and how did you discover that you no longer needed the procedure?


A few years later I went back to have a full check-up and dental cleaning. Considering my previous medical history, the dentist was intent on examining the lump to see if it had gotten larger and to see what further damage it had caused. He ordered another x-ray and discovered that the lump, which was once prominently on my jawbone, had now completely disappeared!

The dentist was astonished at the result and filled with amazement! He got so excited that he pulled up the x-ray again, exclaiming, “Look Junior, even the bone that was being eaten away is now brand new. Wow!”


How did you react to the news?


I was excited. I felt great. I told the dentist that I had prayed about it and God had answered.


Final thoughts?

My faith in God has gone to the next level and my confidence has sky-rocketed because of God ’s miraculous healing in my life. I am a living testimony of Jesus’ divine miracle and a living witness in the realms of this earth, with a touch of heaven all over me, as evidence that God still heals.


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